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Flat Golf

Flat Golf


Created for the StencylJam 2015 game development contest held by Newgrounds.com

Flat Golf is a 2d sideview golf game.  It features 4 courses, realistic physics,
 multiple types of terrain, obstacles, etc.  
Flat Golf also features Medals, Multiple Unlockable items, Leaderboards and many other features.

How to Play:
Click and hold the mouse on the ball,
pull the mouse in the opposite direction you would like the ball to travel.
Release the mouse button to shoot.
Try to get the lowest score possible.


4 Distinct Courses
Realistic Physics
Multiple Trap / Hazard / Obstacle types
Unlockables (Balls, Flags and more)

Version 1.1 (4/21/15):

--Draggable Camera
-- Scene change prompts changed from text to buttons
-- Physics improvements / Ball angular mass physics changed to 0.85 from 1
-- Tutorial added / replay tutorial button added in options
-- Fixed "Unlockables" header text and "default" unlockable font alignments
-- Removed links on splash screens
-- Splash screen game logo resized larger
--Faster menu transitions
-- Smoother / Faster scrolling on hole flyby
-- Leaderboard for Arduous Aquascape fixed


Teaser Promo Video

Main Menu


Pleasant Plains

Challenging Cliffs

Gusty Gully

Arduous Aquascape

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