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Pin Punisher

Pin Punisher


Created for the StencylJam 2014 game development contest held by Newgrounds.com

Pin Punisher is a pachinko type game where the object is to get the highest
score possible in each set of themed stages.  Each Theme contains
five regular stages and one hidden stage per theme.  There is a leaderboard for each set of
Themed stages.

How to Play:
Hold the Red Button to Shoot.  Hold the button longer to increase your power.
Pins Disappear as they are hit.
 You get 10 balls per stage to rack up as many points as possible.  
Do not forget though that you must hit the silver pin to unlock the next stage before
your balls run out. 
If your ball gets stuck for any reason, you can hit the red "x" button to cancel the shot.

Black Pin - 1 pt.
Blue Pin - 15 pt.
Gold Pin - 25 pt.
Green Pin - 1 pt. and Superball Transform 
Orange Pin - 35 pt.
Purple Pin - 1 pt.  and Triple Ball Transform
Red Pin - 1 pt. and Double Score Transform
Silver Pin - 10 pt. and Unlock Next Stage
White Pin - Cannot Be Destroyed
Skull Pin - -5 pt. and Skull Ball (Heavy and no points) Transform
Anvil Pin - 5 pt. and Anvil / Heavy Ball Transform
? Pin - ???????????

Can you find the secret stages?


Multiple themed stages
Secret stages
Many Pin types
Multiple ball types / conditions
Animated environments
HIgh Score Tables (per Theme)

Version 1.3:

Coming Soon - Beta2 2/7/15
New Main Menu / Menu Graphics cleanup
Vertical Girder Collision Box Realignment (to prevent stuck balls)
"Tech" Font Fixed
New optimized engine
"City" Levels added
Game size/performance Optimized
New Medals

Version 1.2:

Space Theme
Cancel Shot Button
Shop Power Bar Color
Shot Power Bar size Correction
Graphics and Sound size optimization
New Engine
New Medals
New Obstacles
New Fonts

Version 1.1:

Updated from 1.0 :  3/5/14
Score Carryover bug fixed
Undersea Level 4 Anvil pin placement changed (to avoid stuck ball)
Medal issues resolved
2K Undersea Medal Added
Secret Medal Added
Anvil Pin type bug fixed
Pin counter debug display removed


New Main Menu

Desert Level 1

Desert Level 2

Superball - Check out that bounce

Red Ball = Double Points

Someone hit and Anvil Pin! (Ball Transformed)

Undersea Level 1

Undersea Level 2

Undersea Level 3

Undersea Multiball

Space Level 1

Space Level 2

City Level 1

City Level 2

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