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Run for Sandwiches

Run for Sandwiches


This game was created in one month for the Indy game maker contest hosted by gamedevfort.com , using the Stencyl engine.

Nice story Bro! Now go and make me a sandwich!

RFS is a retro-styled continuous runner / platformer with an original chiptunes style soundtrack.  Run your way across multiple dangerous levels, with many different obstacles to avoid while you go on your quest for the best and most delicious sandwich ingredients around.

Special thanks to Matvey Dyadkov over at 8biticon.com for allowing the use of his graphics for this game.
We greatly appreciate it Matvey.

How to Play:
Your character will start running automatically  and keep running unless stuck or you reach the end of the stage.
Press UP to jump
Press DOWN to duck
Press LEFT to spin
Press RIGHT to kick

Avoid the obstacles and collect as many parts to the sandwich as possible. The parts are: Bread, Cheese, Veggie Ham, Tomato, Lettuce and Ketchup.


Retro portable styled graphics
9 levels
Challenging difficulty
Original Chiptune Soundtrack

Version 1.0:

Released 8/7/2015


Main Menu

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