We have the best staff of any company on the planet. Why would you say that, you might ask?  It's because we do it out of love and do it for free.  None of us have made any real money to speak of from our products.  We all just share a great passion for gaming and wish to spread the love.. for free!
Michael Kohl:
aka: Gutkase
Michael is the founder and head of Kasehaus software.  Most of the games produced by Kasehaus Software are his brainchildren. He has been a hardcore gamer since his father brought home the Atari 2600 and after dad brought home the TI-99 4A  he started to try and program them himself. Michael works by day as a Data Analyst. The name of the company comes from Michael's fondness for all things Curd (and whey).
Rex Smalley:

Rex has been doing mapping and resource development since the days of the original VB6 Wildwest game.  He also has significant quest writing / designing experience and extensive playtesting experience.

Hilaire Boelkins:

Hilaire is a very social person. Her compassion and ability to work well with people of varying backgrounds and types leads her to make connections with others easily.  She handles our social media presence and promotions.